3 easy walks in the surroundings

Today we want to introduce you to three easy walks around Vigo and Pozza that you can do starting directly on foot from our hotel.

They are walks with paths that do not have great differences in height, but at the same time they offer very beautiful panoramic views and are also passable with children (preferably with backpack and without stroller as dirt) and animals in tow.

SORA PRE ‘: this walk winds along the edge of the woods to the Catinaccio opendics, passing right behind our hotel. The route connects the towns of Vigo Pozza and Pera and presents with a pleasant alternation of flat and short sections and quiet ascents and descents. A good part of the track remains in the woods and is therefore pleasantly cool in summer and still suggestive in winters like these, where there is a lot of snow on the trees and on the ground. Along the path you can find several areas equipped with chairs and benches, generally positioned in panoramic spots on the villages and mountains of the Monzoni group as Buffaure, Cima Undici and Cima Dodici and also some streams with fresh water. It is not uncommon to meet on the trail mouflons, roe deer, squirrels and hares. To take the path it is sufficient to cross the meadow until reaching the limit of the forest, where the path passes! To you the choice of direction Vigo or Pera or first one and then the other for a pleasant hour of walking!
MALGA ALOCH: another one hour walk from our hotel. Malga Alloch is located on a plateau above Pozza, visible in front of the hotel. Reaching it is easy and, once you get there, you can enjoy a splendid view of the settlements of Vigo and Pozza and the Catinaccio Group with all its soplendore. As also written in the itinerary, on the plateau there is a hut and a farm and you can taste typical products, have a good lunch, a simple snack or dinner (advisable to book). You can also see animals and find games for the little ones, so it is a particularly suitable place for families. To reach it you can go down to the river Avisio in San Giovanni and, once crossed the bridge, you can go straight up the forest or turn left on the dirt road that remains on the edge of the forest and, near Meida, crosses the road that climbs precisely from Meida. For people unable to walk there is the possibility of getting on with the means.
POZZA PERA CIANCOAL MEIDA: of the three suggested itineraries is that it partially unites the two previous ones! The first part takes place on the Sora i Prè path (at point 1) in the direction of Pera, then descends down to the village to cross the avisio river through the bridge at the end of the pear country and return towards Pozza through a pleasant meadows plateau with beautiful surrounding of mountains. Then you come out to Meida from where you can go back to the hotel by crossing the village or going towards Malga alloch for the first bit and then along the dirt road near the spa, close to the woods to San Giovanni from which you return, with a quick but short climb to the hotel.

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