Ciampedie: a natural paradise!

Many of you will already know Ciampedie, a place in the heart of the Catinaccio group, right behind the Alpine Touring Hotel!

Ciampedie is a panoramic plateau with stunning views of Val di Fassa and the Dolomites and is the main entrance to a rich offer of excursions to the Catinaccio group, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are well-marked paths of various difficulty, some of which  are really for everyone, even with strollers, but it is also the starting point for hiking and climbing.

There are mountains that do not need large descriptions such as Roda de Vael, Cima Catinaccio, Scaliar, Vajolet Towers, Catinaccio d’Antermoia, Cigolade, Mugoni, Larsec …

Ciampedie is a beautiful place, however, even for those who want to relax, sunbathe, simply enjoy the panorama and taste some typical dishes in one of the many shelters. For the younger ones there is also a beautiful park and paths dedicated as well as the new fly-line for adults and children.

To get there you can take the cable car from Vigo di Fassa,that takes three minutes to reach Ciampedie, at 2000 meters or you can also go up by Pera chairlifts, which are closed for plant renewal this summer.

There are also numerous trails in the woods, in addition to the ski slope that connects Ciampedie to the village of Vigo, through which you can reach the plateau. It’s not uncommon to see some wild animals, even from the cable car, like roe deer, mufflers and chamois.

We really like this place that is just behind the hotel and we often do the 544 and 544b path to go up. The climb is quite steep with a difference of 600 m but there is no technical difficulty and it is also pleasant to do in the company of dogs.  Hardly you’ll meet many people  and you can enjoy the wood and its inhabitants and colors!

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