Festivals and traditions with folklore, gastronomy and music in val di fassa

The holiday in Val di Fassa is not only trails, mountains, shelters, woods, hiking, MTB, mountain guides … but it’s also festivals and traditions!

In fact there is a rich calendar of festivals and events that bring guests closer to local culture with music, folklore, tasting of local produce and gastronomy, crafts and meetings with artists.

Among these are the country festivals that normally last weekend, but worthy of more words are events that are organized once a year and generally open the barns.

Already in the first half of July in Canazei there was the 21st edition of the “Te anter i tobiè” party, among the barns, where the old barns are reopened in the historic part of the village and are colored with music, typical clothes , Local gastronomic proposals and craftsmanship demonstrations and old works. http://www.teanteritobie.it/

Shortly there will be the “Festa ta mont” tour that will kick off on August 4 to end the 6th.

Next there will be the party in the district of Turkey in Moena and finally, although somewhat different in its typology, the “Great Summer Party” from 7 to 10.09 in Canazei

La Festa ta Mont, which is about to start next August 4th, is our favorite because it takes place in our town of Pozza di Fassa for the location or Val san Nicolò, a lovely place that does not need great presentations.

The event is presented with a parade Friday night in Pozza to begin Saturday morning and end Sunday evening. It takes place both day and night when it becomes particularly impressive for the illuminated path and the lighthouse aimed at the fantastic Col Ombert, which stands right at the bottom of the valley. Below is the detailed program of this holiday that brings movement and joy to our country! http://www.festatamont.it/events/festa-ta-mont/

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