Nice excursion for winter and summer

Today we suggest a nice excursion you can do both in winter and in summer with destination Pociace. It is a forest hut located at an altitude of 1700 under Cima Dodici and Sas Aut. From this place the view of Vigo di Fassa, its hamlets and the Catinaccio in all its majesty is truly spectacular and definitely worth more than the effort to get there! You can leave directly from our hotel on foot and after about an hour and a half you arrive at your destination You go down to the bed of the Avisio torrent and then go up again on the left to the path 630, well indicated by returning the locality Pociace. The difference in height is 400 m, the path is easy, suitable for everyone, but salt. You can find alternating sections of snow, ice and ground so it is advisable to bring the crampons to put under the boots for a better grip and safety, as well as the sticks that facilitate the climb and especially the descent. The hut can also be reached by following two forest roads that start respectively from Soraga and about halfway between Vigo and Soraga always from the cycle path. Obviously following the road the climb is longer but definitely sweeter and feasible, in the summer, even in mountain biking. The cabin is forest, normally closed while the bivouac is still open on the lower floor. Outside there are some benches and a picnic in that place with that view you will not easily forget! It is also perfect as an excursion in the company of your furry The silence that characterizes this excursion on a never crowded or even solitary path can be opened. The possibility to get in touch with nature is total and wonderful! The fact that you can not reach in the car or with the plants and that there are no restaurants or shelters open to the public works as a deterrent to the mass influx and hopefully always remains so ;-)!

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