Family-run for more than 50 years

Who we are

Alpine Touring Hotel in Val di Fassa.

“We are Cinzia and Massimilliano, a sporty, nature-loving couple who adore animals. For several years, we have been working together to run the family business which has a history going back more than fifty years. We are committed and passionate about what we do so being of service to our guests is our top priority; working alongside us is our wonderful team of staff.

We have a big family of pets; three splendid Akita dogs and 9 gorgeous cats. They brighten up our free time and have taught us to empathise with our guests’ pets and to better understand their every need.

It’s this passion for our four-legged friends which has inspired us to make the hotel ever more pet-friendly.

We said over 50 years of history…… in fact the original building came into being in 1967.  Cinzia’s father Gianfranco worked tirelessly in his mechanical workshop on the ground floor whilst on the top two floors, her mother Giuseppina lovingly ran a small guest house made up of just 10 rooms.

In 1981 the workshop was moved and several years later, in 1993, the building was renovated and given over entirely to hospitality becoming, in effect, a hotel. The rooms were enlarged over the years taking the form of the Alpine Touring Hotel as we know it today. We continue to renovate and make improvements every year, striving to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

So here is the story of the Alpine Touring Hotel in the Val di Fassa. It’s a story which can’t be told in a few words but we wanted to paint a picture so you get to know us better and see us for who we are: a family who is sincere, straightforward, welcoming and totally in love with our home.”

We look forward to seeing you in our home in the Val di Fassa!

Cinzia, Massimiliano and our four-legged friends