Side Valleys: our 5 favorite ones

The valley of fassa has numerous side valleys, marked by many streams, all of undoubted beauty and with different characteristics. Some are less impervious and consequently more frequent, often active in summer and winter and sometimes served by public transport and with refreshment facilities in refuges. Others are more difficult and hard to join and consequently often do not see the presence of many people or even shelters, but it is precisely in these that nature expresses itself in all its beauty.

It is difficult to choose and exclude some as, as we have said, the side valleys are all different but today we want to suggest our 5 favorite:

  1. Val de Grepa, it is a rough, steep slope, starting from Fontanazzo to go back to La Crepa Neigra, on the left-hand side of the Avisio. Uncontaminated and wild nature, pastures, flowers, brook and no shelter. The place where man’s contact nature is total!

2.Val Udai, a steep valley  on a trail from Mazzin, on the right hand of the Avisio until you reach the crossroads with the valley of Dona, just as beautiful. From here you can go for example to Antermoja. Even in this valley there is still a wild nature and beautiful flowers, as well as numerous marmots

3.the valley of Vajolet and Gardeccia on the right hand of the Avisio, easily reachable until Gadeccia both summer and winter, with postcard views on the Catinaccio group with the top Catinaccio, Vajolet towers, Larsec ..

4.val San Nicolò, a beautiful and easy valley, both in summer and winter, starting directly from Pozza, on the left hand of the Avisio. It is an excursion for  everyone since it is also served by the train in summer (besides the possibility of getting to the car to the obligatory parking) and it is possible to ride snowmobiles in winter …

5. Val Duron, it steeply starts on the right hand of the Avisio from Campitello with unforgettable views of the Sassolungo and then slightly sloping. Then you get to a point where the valley opens with a wonderful view of the Terrarossa Teeth. Continuing then you reach the Duron pass and the Alpe di Siusi ….

Let us know what are yours favorite ones !!!

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