#trekking a #Gardeccia

Some fresh snow and we did not lose the opportunity to enjoy it with a hike to Gardeccia, in the heart of the Rosengarten lasting about one hour and a half, two hours We parked the car in Pera di Fassa, in the upper area of ​​the country and then we started towards a path that climbs along the stream. Once at the village of Monzon we continued for the easy road, with moderate gradual slope, to the refuge Gardeccia at 1950 m. Needless to say, the beauty of the landscape along the way initially more sheltered in the woods and then more open with beautiful views over the rugged mountains of Rosengarten but also on the Monzoni group with the Marmolada that remains behind. Gardeccia is also easily accessible from Ciampedie taking the cable car of Vigo di Fassa and then continuing on foot for a quiet walk of about 45 minutes, or you can avoid a bit in altitude driving by car to Monzon and then continuing on foot. In Gardeccia there are some refuges are open both summer and winter in which refresh and relax. Then the descent is easy and feasible in winter even with the sled. Today we walked back there being even our two dogs Toki and Ashi! It is a path that we especially recommend during the winter due to the silence, the lack of traffic and the beautiful nature. During the summer, however, it is preferable to go to other trails in the woods or Ciampedie because the road is rather full of shuttles that make the taxi service. Of course, especially in summer, it is the starting point for wonderful excursions including Vajolet, Prince, Antermoja, Step Ladders, Lausa, Cigolade ….

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