What you have to know to do safe excursions!

In the last few days we had a little taste of “winter” but in the cold and snowy season we can do so many excursions. So little is the time of the year when you go for a nice walk as long as it is adequate and accessible. It does not matter if the excursion is  challenging,  it’s important to always know and think about some aspects to enjoy the walk and not take unnecessary risks.

Some aspects to be evaluated …

  • Knowing your physical form without overestimating is often a fundamental aspect of your own safety
  • Consider the difficulty and how many hours you need to make the journey and start at an appropriate time to avoid being in the dark. It’s best to always calculate the timing with a bit of margin for any small unforeseen events
  • Evaluate weather conditions and, in the case of instability and high risk of overturning, choose shorter hikes and avoid climbing and very dangerous traks in case of thunderstorms and ice
  • Have a good breakfast and take some food and above all, enough water and drinks
  • Dress appropriately, especially wearing suitable footwear such as boots or hiking boots. Always carry spare clothing,  a waterproof jacket and maybe a headgear and gloves.
  • It may be extremely useful to wear trekking poles that give stability and help in the downhill

The above points may seem trivial, but we look daily at alpine alerts for unsaved and unconscious hikers who are running on routes above their chances and with clothing and equipment that does not fit the situation. Taking a short or long journey after thinking about these aspects will make mountain walks even more enjoyable. Good walk!!!!

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